cfbf86840eeaabd246abad62b721b7dded4a18ba pidgin-encryption-3.1.tar.gz ba1539fd1227a392d195dcf0250619db2a3f21ff pidgin-encryption-3.1.exe

bccad1c4ac0bec12e6837324f543ea60530d0761 pidgin-encryption-3.0.tar.gz

edbb798c8ab571bf62d65e2859e9826bdb565570 gaim-encryption-3.0beta7.tar.gz

30045fbb87ff11d79c58c866f88a0013cb57a016 gaim-encryption-2.39.tar.gz


Source: v 3.1: Available here
for use with Pidgin 2.x. Here are the installation instructions.

Subversion: Instructions. The SVN build should work with the current Pidgin Monotone build. If it doesn't, IM me: BillTompkins2 on AIM.

Fedora: You can find an RPM for Fedora Core at FreshRPMs or at Dries.

Mandriva: In the distribution, just "urpmi pidgin-encryption"

Gentoo: In the distribution, just "emerge pidgin-encryption"

Debian: In the distribution, just "apt-get install pidgin-encryption".

Ubuntu: In Ubuntu's "Universe" as Pidgin-Encryption.

Windows: Download the Win32 self-extracting binary. Or, if you'd like, here are some instructions on how to build it yourself.

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