Supported Languages:

Pidgin-Encryption currently supports several languages, thanks to the following translators:

簡體中文 (Traditional Chinese) Tim Hsu
čeština (Czech) Luboš Staněk
dansk (Danish) Morten Brix Pedersen
nederlands (Dutch)     Menno Jonkers
français (French) Davy Defaud
deutsch (German) Karim Malhas and Björn Voight
magyar (Hungarian) Peter Tutervai
italiano (Italian) Giacomo Succi
日本語 (Japanese) Takeshi AIHANA
Lietuviškai (Lithuanian) Andrius Štikonas
Norsk [nynorsk] (Norwegian [Nynorsk]) Yngve J Landro
polski (Polish) Marek Habersack
português do Brasil (Brazilian Portuguese) Aury Fink Filho
Română (Romanian) Mişu Moldovan
Русский (Russian) Roman Sosenko
slovensko (Slovenian) Martin Srebotnjak
español (Spanish) Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña
Türkçe (Turkish) Ekrem Erdem
Україньска (Ukrainian) Roman Sosenko
​​​​​தமிழ்​​​​​ (Tamil) drtvasudevan
Svenska (Swedish) Daniel Nylander
Portugês (Portugese) Pedro Pinto
简体中文 (Simplified Chinese) Strong Chen
​​​​​Български​​​​​ (Bulgarian) Lachezar Dobrev

Translation Coordinator

The Translation Coordinator for Pidgin-Encryption is Davy Defaud ( If you are interested in translating Pidgin-Encryption to a currently unsupported language, please contact him. Questions or comments about the current translations can be sent either to Davy or directly to the translator, as appropriate.

Translation Statistics: are here.


Source: v 3.1: Available here
for use with Pidgin 2.x. Here are the installation instructions.

Subversion: Instructions. The SVN build should work with the current Pidgin Monotone build. If it doesn't, IM me: BillTompkins2 on AIM.

Fedora: You can find an RPM for Fedora Core at FreshRPMs or at Dries.

Mandriva: In the distribution, just "urpmi pidgin-encryption"

Gentoo: In the distribution, just "emerge pidgin-encryption"

Debian: In the distribution, just "apt-get install pidgin-encryption".

Ubuntu: In Ubuntu's "Universe" as Pidgin-Encryption.

Windows: Download the Win32 self-extracting binary. Or, if you'd like, here are some instructions on how to build it yourself.

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