Getting NSS and NSPR

If at all possible, use your distribution's packaging of the Mozilla development libraries. For example, on Red Hat Linux, install the mozilla-nss-devel and mozilla-nspr-devel RPMs. Hopefully, those packages (or maybe the main Mozilla package) will install a "mozilla-nss.pc" pkgconfig file. That is how the Pidgin-Encryption install process will find those libraries.

If you must install the libraries by hand, they are at, and You will probably need to use the --with-nspr-includes, --with-nspr-libs, --with-nss-includes, and --with-nss-libs options to ./configure.

For some instructions about installing NSS/NSPR as part of compiling Pidgin on SuSE, see these instructions. They may be helpful on other distributions that don't provide devel header packages as well.


Source: v 3.1: Available here
for use with Pidgin 2.x. Here are the installation instructions.

Subversion: Instructions. The SVN build should work with the current Pidgin Monotone build. If it doesn't, IM me: BillTompkins2 on AIM.

Fedora: You can find an RPM for Fedora Core at FreshRPMs or at Dries.

Mandriva: In the distribution, just "urpmi pidgin-encryption"

Gentoo: In the distribution, just "emerge pidgin-encryption"

Debian: In the distribution, just "apt-get install pidgin-encryption".

Ubuntu: In Ubuntu's "Universe" as Pidgin-Encryption.

Windows: Download the Win32 self-extracting binary. Or, if you'd like, here are some instructions on how to build it yourself.

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