Source Release version installation instructions.

For instructions on installing the CVS version, see the CVS Instructions.

To compile and install the plugin:

Ok, now run Pidgin.

Select the "Preferences" menu item from the Tools menu.
The last tab is the "Plugins" tab: select it, and check the box next to "Pidgin-Encryption".

If Pidgin-Encryption does not appear in the plugins list, then you may need to specify the location of the Mozilla NSS and NSPR library files. Try running Pidgin like so:
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/mozilla/libs /usr/local/bin/pidgin.
If this works, you should add /path/to/mozilla/libs to your

If the plugin still isn't showing up in the Plugins list, try running Pidgin with the -d option (from the command line). It should give you some debug output from trying to load the plugin.

If you try to use the plugin with a different version of Pidgin than the one you compiled it with, it will complain. This is because the Pidgin/Purple API can change between releases, and you really do need to recompile the plugin. Otherwise strange things may happen...

Hopefully now you're all set. You may want to look at the plugin preferences, in particular if you frequently chat with people on ICQ who do not use Pidgin, you should turn off the "Broadcast Encryption Capability" option so that they don't see annoying HTML.


Source: v 3.1: Available here
for use with Pidgin 2.x. Here are the installation instructions.

Subversion: Instructions. The SVN build should work with the current Pidgin Monotone build. If it doesn't, IM me: BillTompkins2 on AIM.

Fedora: You can find an RPM for Fedora Core at FreshRPMs or at Dries.

Mandriva: In the distribution, just "urpmi pidgin-encryption"

Gentoo: In the distribution, just "emerge pidgin-encryption"

Debian: In the distribution, just "apt-get install pidgin-encryption".

Ubuntu: In Ubuntu's "Universe" as Pidgin-Encryption.

Windows: Download the Win32 self-extracting binary. Or, if you'd like, here are some instructions on how to build it yourself.

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